At Brush & Beak Arts Studio, our goal is to be a hub of creativity for the community.  We want to teach folks how to tap into their creative energies to help them grow.  In fact, we believe in that goal so much, we strive to provide art education to students of all ages.   

At Brush & Beak, we wish to provide art education services through an affordable means, which separates us from the vast majority of private art schools out there that charge an arm and a leg.  Our methodology consists of giving students maximum educational exposure to real artists, their work and technique, and the skills we can acquire to make art as they do in a condensed period of time.  Thus, the experience is a combination of an art history lesson and application through art making, resulting in the completing of an original work of art. Art classes can be organized for small groups of adults and children. We have experience working with homeschool groups as well.


Khadija Daya, Founder and Instructor

The main instructor at Brush & Beak is Khadija Daya.  Khadija is a graduate of Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University.  She has a Bachelors of Fine Arts, and has been active in the arts her whole life.  Khadija has previously been the lead art teacher at a local private school for three years, and she is the co-founder of Bulbul Clothing, an apparel company that she has been running since 2010.  When Khadija isn’t instructing, she is creating her own original artwork.




Brush and Beak’s art program is a wonderful learning opportunity for children. Khadija is a talented artist and teacher who gives each student individual attention, teaching them not only art history and introducing them to various art mediums and techniques, but enabling them to creatively express themselves through their artwork. My children enjoyed Brush and Beak art classes immensely, and proudly display their artwork throughout the house. I highly recommend Brush and Beak - it is truly a fun and creative experience for children.
— Zohra A.
The Brush and Beak arts class for kids was a wonderful experience for my 5-yr old. It was her first exposure to the world of art, and I was very impressed at how the classes were structured. Each week, the kids would learn about an artist and a technique which they would practice. I was impressed at how easily Khadija worked with the different age levels and how she made the class interesting and fun for all levels. I would definitely recommend this class to parents, it is an exercise in stimulating kids’ creativity, especially while they are home during the summer!
— Zubia Naji